Why We Got an Alarm System for Our House in Miami Beach

Popular tourist areas are great. That is, if you are a tourist. You get to come and go enjoying just the best. The rest of us have to live here year round. You might think that would be like living in a paradise, but there is a downside to living year round in very popular vacation areas. One is having thousands of people coming and going who are not familiar with the area. Have you ever been late for work stuck behind a tourist? Now let me tell you why we got ADT for Miami Beach where we live. The main reason is that when all of the vacationers are gone, the very few criminals we actually do have turn their sights to those who remain.

The pickpockets and con artists look to ill-gotten gain from the locals. This includes burglaries and home invasions by perpetrators looking for drugs and cash. It used to be that burglars were looking for cash or jewelry that could be turned into cash. Easy to carry stuff so they could get in and out in a hurry. Now since so many senior citizens have different prescription medications, especially for chronic pain, the burglars and home invaders go shopping for drugs by breaking into homes. The best deterrent I have found is a quality home security system. That is why we got ADT for Miami Beach where we live.

I know some people like to be armed or have a dog. Well, I am not trained to be armed, and do not want our beloved pets harmed by an intruder. I also want our dogs protected from smoke, fire and carbon monoxide while we are away at work. Our top quality alarm system covers a lot more than just break ins. We even have the security cameras to catch video of anyone in the act of committing a crime against us or our home.

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