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If You Are Getting a Tattoo, Get the Best Artist to Do It

You cannot afford to make a mistake when giving someone a tattoo. I have seen everything form prison tats to super elaborate sleeve tattoos done by incredibly talented artists. I am amazed at how realistic a tattoo can be on skin. I have seen 3D tattoo designs that are so expertly colored and shaded that they should be displayed in a museum. Photographs of these tattoos can reveal a lot of detail, but seeing them in person is better. I saw a tattoo of a large blooming rose that looked like you could reach out and grab it.

I see a lot of people with tattoos, and some of them obviously were hunting for a bargain price on a basic tattoo. If I was to get any ink on me, it would have to be from one of the best artists out there. (Read more →)

Pay Day Prep is Much Easier Now

I used to figure out paychecks all on my own. I am a small business owner, and I have anywhere between three and six employees at any given time. It used to take me half a day to figure out checks, because I wasn’t sure how to do all of the different taxes on my own. That changed when one of my associates told me about a paystub generator that he uses to help him with the deductions that we all have to take out for our workers. He used to have the same issue as me, and just as I didn’t want to, he also did not want to have to hire someone to help with it.

He went online to see if he could find something that would help make it a bit easier. What he found was something that makes the process a lot easier. It takes all of the calculations out of our hands and handles it all internally. (Read more →)

Twitter is a True Social Media Platform

Are you looking to buy Twitter followers without password requirements? I know exactly how you feel. There's nothing worse than trying to setup a new Twitter profile in order to create a quick network of affiliate links; it's one of the most efficiently successful methods of sharing affiliate links without resorting to creating your own Blog or website to host them. Twitter is on top of this scheme and despite the hundreds of millions of Tweets that are broadcast every single day, they're quick to track down those profiles that are clearly bots and buying cheap followers is no doubt going to be the primary reason you find your profile shut down within hours. While they have their uses I much prefer services that network me with actual user profiles who are willing to offer their engagement and shares for a sum of money. Most often than not this is through a third party service rather than a direct connection with the users but that's fine by me.

Twitter is a great platform for quick and easy profile creation. Facebook requires far too many steps and verifications while Twitter is as simple as developing a user name. From there you can begin connecting with the greater world with ease. Automating posts with Twitter is just as easy as they offer their own API access allowing you to monitor the reach and impact of your posts and even time specific posts based on the success of previous posts. Twitter is a marketers dream but users desire actual, real content. Sometimes it's pleasant to have a profile that's automated and sharing nothing but deals, coupons and the like but Twitter at its core is a true social media platform. Social being the keyword; socialize with your followers and you'll discover success easily enough.

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Direct TV Pricing and Service Information

After watching enough of these commercials, I have been convinced, and I will switch from cable to satellite. I just spent some time browsing the internet to learn a bit more about what I could expect upon making the switch to satellite, where I found and I am using this site to learn a bit more about the different packages that are available for people with Direct TV satellite in their house.

It seems like it will be nice to give it a shot, and maybe it will end up being a good bit better than my previous service. I won't know for sure until I give it a test though, and that is what I intend to do here in the near future. I think that it is as good of a time as any to test this out and further, it seems like it will be a good time to give this a shot, since they were going to raise my prices for my current cable package anyway, if I had decided to stay with them.

Seems like the cable company basically gave me the perfect excuse to switch to satellite. Does not seem like a very smart business plan on their part, but it looks like it might work out in my favor, and to be honest, that is all that I really care about at the moment. I am really into watching television, and I probably watch it a bit more often than I should. I know that is almost certainly true, but I am not sure what else I would do with my time, so I am not super worried about the fact that I watch television too much. Besides, it is my life, and I am going to live it the way that I want to.

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Starting to Plan the New Factory

I just got back from looking at a building that we are going to consider for relocation. It is a very long way from perfect and in fact it is going to require a significant amount of work to get it ready. Apparently we shall need to find some company to do sewer cleaning in Bronx NY. It is just not a very nice smell in this building, although it seems to only effect a small part of the structure. The plumbing seems to work well enough in the rest of the building. The wiring is another thing which is a big problem. In fact I am thinking that it probably just makes the most sense to completely rip out what is in the building and start from scratch. That seems like it is going to be the easiest way to get the wiring to pass inspection. What is in there now was probably installed at least three or four decades ago and a city inspector would laugh at it. The rest of the job is not going to be a piece of cake, but it is all stuff that we know how to do. The big thing is that we are going to have a whole lot of extra room. The production line we have now is going to take up about two fifths of the floor space. We are thinking about building a completely new production line and then slowly moving the existing machinery into the rest of the building. That would still leave us with a good bit of left over floor space. It is going to be enough so that we can build a big employee break room or use it for some other purpose. We shall probably simply leave it empty to have extra storage space.

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How Our Rural Satellite Nashville Internet Works

The Smoky Mountains in Tennessee are beautiful. We drove the Blue Ridge Parkway once and that was our first taste of Tennessee. Then we spent time in the Smoky Mountains just traveling around seeing things. We liked Tennessee and decided to put money down on a house closer to Nashville but still out of town. We still wanted our modern conveniences in the rural area where we were moving to, so we got Nashville internet service through a satellite Internet service provider.

I was intrigued on how it works. Satellite signals we receive for TV, phone, GPS and Internet come down from satellites orbiting the earth. I wondered how the signals would get back up to the satellite. Your satellite TV box communicates outbound information over the Internet or through the old phone line system. That is how they know what pay per view shows you watch. However, when you are on the Internet, you are always making page requests or doing something that sends data out over the Internet. This can be anything from clicking on a link to uploading a photo or video.

Satellite Internet service works by receiving signals to the dish and sending signals (information) out from the dish back up to the satellite. This is why the little arm on the front of the dish looks different than a satellite TV dish. It has what is called a feed horn that can send out signals that the actual satellite in space picks up. So, when you want to do a search for stuff and you type it in the search engine box and hit send, the digital signal is uplinked right to the Internet satellite. Then it gets the info you need and downlinks it back to your dish. No different than cable except it is done by radio waves.

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Why We Got an Alarm System for Our House in Miami Beach

Popular tourist areas are great. That is, if you are a tourist. You get to come and go enjoying just the best. The rest of us have to live here year round. You might think that would be like living in a paradise, but there is a downside to living year round in very popular vacation areas. One is having thousands of people coming and going who are not familiar with the area. Have you ever been late for work stuck behind a tourist? Now let me tell you why we got ADT for Miami Beach where we live. The main reason is that when all of the vacationers are gone, the very few criminals we actually do have turn their sights to those who remain.

The pickpockets and con artists look to ill-gotten gain from the locals. This includes burglaries and home invasions by perpetrators looking for drugs and cash. It used to be that burglars were looking for cash or jewelry that could be turned into cash. Easy to carry stuff so they could get in and out in a hurry. Now since so many senior citizens have different prescription medications, especially for chronic pain, the burglars and home invaders go shopping for drugs by breaking into homes. The best deterrent I have found is a quality home security system. That is why we got ADT for Miami Beach where we live.

I know some people like to be armed or have a dog. Well, I am not trained to be armed, and do not want our beloved pets harmed by an intruder. I also want our dogs protected from smoke, fire and carbon monoxide while we are away at work. Our top quality alarm system covers a lot more than just break ins. We even have the security cameras to catch video of anyone in the act of committing a crime against us or our home.

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Don’t Even Try to Fix It Yourself

Have you ever been driving through the city or even walking down the road and you smell a terrible smell coming from a building or home. That is usually due to the sewer backing up into the building. This is a nasty mess that takes a real professional to fix. If it happens to your home, trust me when I tell you that you need to look for sewer cleaning in Morris County NJ. This happens so often that there are a few companies out there that have completely devoted themselves to this line of work. If you ever find yourself in need of this type of service I recommend you go and find the professionals immediately. Do not hesitate at all because if you do then you will be in a world of hurt. The sooner that they can get out and get started on the problem the better it is for everyone. I know that you might think it's not a big deal and it's something that would fix itself eventually, but it really is not.

There are a lot of things that a person can fix for themselves in their home, but plumbing work is something that should never be attempted except for by the professionals. Even if you temporarily fix the problem at hand it will normally lead to some more problems down the road and that will just put you in a really awkward situation when you finally have to break down and call the plumbers. They will generally speaking chastise you for the workmanship that you did. Most people do not enjoy being chastised in front of their spouses by a professional but it is bound to happen if you try to fix it yourself. It's one of those things that can cost thousands if you make a mistake, so don't even try.

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Saving Money with DIY Guides

Bathroom Enclosure (SP-C047)There's no denying how great the shower doors in Union County NJ are. I've been buying from them for a month now after coming into several properties that my father left me. Apparently he had been holding out on the family for a long time with all of these houses. He wanted to make sure that all the kids were going to be able to have a home after he died and well, he did it! It's pretty great that he was able to accomplish such a feat. It's a huge investment that none of us ever saw coming.

However, three of the homes have definitely needed some TLC. They were bought when the housing market slumped and apparently were for sale for months. They weren't very well taken care of so my brother and I have been doing what we can to get them back in good shape. Since there are only four of us kids with six houses, we're going to sell two of the homes and split the cash between us. A pretty good profit if you ask me especially considering the simple fact that none of us had to buy the homes in the first place. Thanks, Dad!

Admittedly this is the first time that I've worked on anything like this. I'm not the type that works on homes or even with my hands but thanks to the wonder of YouTube and other sites. I've been able to fix most of what has needed to be done while my brother was able to do the rest. It's kind of amazing to be able to do this kind of work just between the two of us. We've probably saved a few thousand dollars! If only we could do this for a living but I don't think he'd be into the idea.

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I Really Enjoy My New Phone with the Older Operating System

My husband just surprised me with the newest version of iPhone for my birthday a couple of days ago. It was not long ago that I bought the previous version of phone, so he really spoils me! It was a nice surprise. I ended up giving my older phone to my teenage daughter as a result. She had really been wanting one. I miss the old IOS, though. My husband went to a few sites to see if it was possible to downgrade IOS to the previous version that I was so used to.

He ran off with my phone, which made me a little nervous. But he came back to me only 30 minutes later with a triumphant look on his face. He said that he successfully downgraded with no problems at all. It took him only about 15 minutes to find a page with easy step by step instructions and then he just made sure to do everything just as he was told to do.

Not knowing myself previously if it could even be done, I was just grateful that he didn't' cause any harm to my new tech gadget! If it had been hard to do and he made a mistake that hurt something, I know he would have wanted to rush to buy me a new one. But I would not have let him! The next day, a friend of mine came to me and mentioned she wondered if she could revert to the old operating system, and I told her that my husband did it for me the night before. She said that her husband does not know much about technology and she didn't know if she trusted him to do it. So, I invited her to come over that night and have my husband do it for her.

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Novelist States Undue Pressure On Company Employees to Sell Its Products Can Lead to Bad Results for All Involved

Richard Wanderer, author of the fictional suspense novel, "The Holiday Party (A Tale of a Corporate Takeover)" sees a parallel to his novel and the Los Angeles Times' recent story about a major bank allegedly applying undue pressure on its employees to sell its services Los Angeles, California (PRWEB) December 30, 2013

Richard Wanderer, who wrote, "The Holiday Party (A Tale of a Corporate Takeover" was intrigued by a recent article in the Los Angeles Times concerning the alleged workplace stress being placed on a bank's employees to meet their given sales quotas. The article quotes one ex-employee saying, "We were constantly told we would end up working at McDonald's... if we did not make the sales quotas." Wanderer states, "I suppose it makes great business sense to watch the corporate bottom line but care should be taken to treat one's employees with dignity and respect to achieve the desired corporate results. This is one of the reasons I wrote my fictional suspense novel."

Richard Wanderer speaks about his novel in a three-minute video at

Critics have favorably responded to Wanderer's novel. Kirkus Reviews calls it, "A sharply observed saga of workplace tyranny"; San Francisco Book Review, "Page-turner"; Midwest Book Review, "Highly recommended"; IndieReader, "Suspenseful"; Bookviewss by Alan Caruba, "Leaps off its pages"; Cynthia Brian of World Talk Radio, "This book is so well written and is frightening in its accuracy and its realism and ferocity."

In Wanderer's fictional suspense novel, "The Holiday Party (A Tale of a Corporate Takeover)" a huge, for profit only, media conglomerate takes over a family-owned national magazine which was run in an employee friendly manner. The conglomerate comes and institutes a Draconian thrift regime. It fires loyal employees of the takeover magazine for little or no cause (mostly because, in their eyes, they made too much money). Then it exerts pressure on the rest of its employees to achieve unrealistic sales goals. Ironically, the magazine's original employees' efforts had made the magazine a profitable enterprise and a great takeover target. He captures his readers attention right from the start. Beginning his tale with a raging holiday snow storm in Manhattan and a lead character in the novel racing through it to get to a Wicca coven meeting and then the author carries the readers across the continent into an elegant business Christmas Party in Los Angeles.

The Authors Background for Writing His Novel:
Richard Wanderer's background for writing his fictional suspense novel about the takeover of a national magazine and what happens to the lives of its employees after the takeover is that he spent more than 50 years of his life working in the advertising sales departments of major national magazines and newspaper chains in NYC and LA. His characters and scenarios are often an amalgamation of people and situations he has come in contact with through his personal experiences as well as a writer's imagination. Later in life, while working full time and raising a family, he also became a member of the California Bar.

The link to the Los Angeles Times article:,0,5474088.story#axzz2oW2ZPF33

Published by Two Harbors Press, the novel is available in softcover and also on Kindle and Nook. "The Holiday Party (A Tale of a Corporate Takeover)"

Contact: Patricia O'Brien, St. Bernard Public Relations (818) 986-7777

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