The Smoky Mountains in Tennessee are beautiful. We drove the Blue Ridge Parkway once and that was our first taste of Tennessee. Then we spent time in the Smoky Mountains just traveling around seeing things. We liked Tennessee and decided to put money down on a house closer to Nashville but still out of town. We still wanted our modern conveniences in the rural area where we were moving to, so we got Nashville internet service through a satellite Internet service provider.

I was intrigued on how it works. Satellite signals we receive for TV, phone, GPS and Internet come down from satellites orbiting the earth. I wondered how the signals would get back up to the satellite. Your satellite TV box communicates outbound information over the Internet or through the old phone line system. That is how they know what pay per view shows you watch. However, when you are on the Internet, you are always making page requests or doing something that sends data out over the Internet. This can be anything from clicking on a link to uploading a photo or video.

Satellite Internet service works by receiving signals to the dish and sending signals (information) out from the dish back up to the satellite. This is why the little arm on the front of the dish looks different than a satellite TV dish. It has what is called a feed horn that can send out signals that the actual satellite in space picks up. So, when you want to do a search for stuff and you type it in the search engine box and hit send, the digital signal is uplinked right to the Internet satellite. Then it gets the info you need and downlinks it back to your dish. No different than cable except it is done by radio waves.