My husband just surprised me with the newest version of iPhone for my birthday a couple of days ago. It was not long ago that I bought the previous version of phone, so he really spoils me! It was a nice surprise. I ended up giving my older phone to my teenage daughter as a result. She had really been wanting one. I miss the old IOS, though. My husband went to a few sites to see if it was possible to downgrade IOS to the previous version that I was so used to.

He ran off with my phone, which made me a little nervous. But he came back to me only 30 minutes later with a triumphant look on his face. He said that he successfully downgraded with no problems at all. It took him only about 15 minutes to find a page with easy step by step instructions and then he just made sure to do everything just as he was told to do.

Not knowing myself previously if it could even be done, I was just grateful that he didn’t’ cause any harm to my new tech gadget! If it had been hard to do and he made a mistake that hurt something, I know he would have wanted to rush to buy me a new one. But I would not have let him! The next day, a friend of mine came to me and mentioned she wondered if she could revert to the old operating system, and I told her that my husband did it for me the night before. She said that her husband does not know much about technology and she didn’t know if she trusted him to do it. So, I invited her to come over that night and have my husband do it for her.